AAA Air Bags and Brackets all come with a 10 year new for old replacement warranty. Covers pretty much anything that renders the kit unusable including leaks or breakages.

All electrical components come with a 1 year replacement warranty. Everything non electrical is 10 years.

We just need to be able to look up your order or maybe you still have your receipt. The warranty covers replacement parts and excludes fitting or any incidental or consequential costs. In some cases we might need the part back to assess repair or replacement.

AAA Satisfaction Guarantee

When you buy from AAA Suspension you have a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If it does not fit then we will work with you to replace what ever parts need replacing to make it fit right. Or if it doesn't work as you expected it to work then we will just take it back and refund you.

Because we build what we sell we can readily sort you out with the parts you need straight away. You are not dealing with a middle man and that counts for everything when it's time to solve a problem.