Schrader Air Valve to 6mm Air Line – One Piece

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This is a single fitting.

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This is 1 x Schrader Valve to suit metric 6mm air hose.
What make our’s special is that it specifically suits 6mm metric air hose.¬†If you have shopped around you would know that everyone else is 1/4″ imperial size. Close but no cigar.
The schrader valve part is just a normal every day tyre valve – same size, same internal core etc as what’s in tyres so any old tyre compressor fitting (chuck) will fit it for inflation.
It is an all in one piece as in there is no pesky join in the middle that can leak. To get metric 6mm a lot of workshops have to join a generic schrader to a 6mm air line fitting and that there is not only a spot that can leak but also a fair deal of unexpected mucking around. Yes believe it or not most generic schraders are NPT male threads yet metric hose fittings are mostly BSP threads. So what starts out as looking like a cheap easy work around blows out to hours wasted.
Note also threaded air fittings should be sealed with liquid gas sealant because if you use plumbers tape bits of tape eventually foul in valves causing leaks. So that’s yet another headache for those thinking of cutting corners and joining non compatible parts. No joins here so no messing around.
At AAA our air suspension kits only use metric air lines, our air fittings all have common BSP threads and the bolts we use will all be stainless steel metric. The reason is obvious Рall these are readily available even at Bunnings should you be on a trip or job site and need a spare part quickly. Traditionally virtually every other air suspension provider uses imperial air lines and NPT threads on fittings. I have no idea what possesses them to do this because not even a specialist shop like Enzed or Pirtek can help you with that stuff.
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