LED Gauge Twin – PSI


This is a single fitting.

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This is a Digital LED Gauge for 2 x air bags
This gauge has 2 x readouts so typically 1 per bag.
This is good for 0-220 psi and it runs on 12V
The readout is in PSI
The screen is blacked out unless turned on and the readout is Blue
The gauge comes with 2 x electronic senders. These would be plumbed into the air system and measure the pressures. The senders have T-pieces that easily slot into¬†6mm poly air line. (1/4″ air line fittings available upon request) Then it’s just 2 wires per sender that run to the gauge and that’s a lot easier and friendlier than running air lines into the car. Also means a lot less chances for air leaks now and down the track.
The wires in this kit from sender to gauge are 5m long
Essentially this is plug and play
This is a very cool addition to your air system.
Comes with mounting panel, senders, t-pieces for senders to connect to poly lines and the gauge itself.
Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm


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