CA31 Airbag Kit

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Airbag kit includes two airbags, vehicle specific airbag mounts, required bolts, articulation kit, air fittings, air line tubing and inflation valves. Full instructions included.

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This kit is still suitable even if your vehicle has a 2″ lift.

This is a brand new air bag load assist kit to suit the rear of the following vehicles:

  • Ford Ranger Next Gen Raptor – 2022 ONWARDS –  4WD.

We totally love the new Raptors. The coil over rear makes it the perfect sports truck and there’s no better rig than Raptor to go doing jimps in the Dunes or just belt around as your daily. But as far as carrying loads go, standard raptors really ought not be fitted with Tow Bars. They are just not meant to carry loads. But that’s where this kit comes into it. Our kit sits between the chassis and the axle and utilises our triple bags so we reach as far as your coil overs can go and we squash to the point that our kit does not impact compression. When unloaded just air down and you retain your exciting sporty handling and as you load up just add more air as needed for the task.

By selecting an “In-Cab Kit”, you will also be supplied with all the gear required to control the air in your bags from the inside of your vehicle and you can option for us to supply a compressor for you too if you do not already have one installed. Pair your large in-cab kit with one of our air tanks if you wish to increase the capacity of your onboard air system.

This kit includes an articulation kit, which allows air to travel from one bag to the other, removing bags as a limiting factor for your flex. It also includes brake line relocation brackets, so you do not have to disconnect your brake lines and re-bleed your brakes.

The AAA kit is rated at 2.5t so that’s the bags being capable of lifting 2.5t of additional weight over the rear axle. Your real limit is your GVM and what’s safe and sensible, but know the bags are up for what ever your load might be.

The rubber in the bags is heavier than the rubber in the sidewalls of your tyres so they last for ever seeing there is no rubbing or moving parts as such. AAA kits come with a 10 year new for old warranty on all bags, brackets, airlines and valves.

If interested here’s a link to our instructions showing what’s involved, download a digital copy here.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 35 × 18 cm
In-cab Kit

No In-cab Kit, In-cab Kit (No Compressor), In-cab Kit (Small Compressor), In-cab Kit (Large Compressor)

Air Tank

None, 1.5L, 3.0L, 4.5L, 6.0L

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