LA06S Airbag Kit

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Airbag kit includes two airbags, vehicle specific airbag mounts, required bolts, air fittings, air line tubing and inflation valves. Full instructions included.

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This is a brand new air bag load assist kit to suit the rear of the following vehicles:

By selecting an “In-Cab Kit”, you will also be supplied with all the gear required to control the air in your bags from the inside of your vehicle and you can option for us to supply a compressor for you too if you do not already have one installed. Pair you large in-cab kit with one of our air tanks if you wish to increase the capacity of your onboard air system.

This LA06S (S stands for SHORT) kit uses our short 2501 bag, given the XR6 and XR8 have less room between chassis and axle than the regular height utes, which use the 2502 bag in their LA06 kit. The LA06S and LA06 kits both use the same base mounting brackets – just the bag heights and top bracket height vary.

NOTE: The regular falcon utes use our standard LA06 kit and the all terrain RTV Falcon ute takes our LA16 kit.

If you have lowered your XR6 or XR8 so it sits even lower than a regular XR6/8 then jack up tow bar until you are happy with desired drive height and call us with measurements from underside of bump stop mount (steel) to top of axle housing. That way we can see if our lowered kit will still fit.

The AAA leaf assist air bag kit replaces your bump stops and effectively becomes a bump stop conversion that can help you carry a load. When unloaded you want some air in the bags (10-15 psi) so you have some cushion or softness in the new bump stop effect. Then as you load up just add more air – what ever it takes to keep the vehicle level.  The AAA kit is rated at 2.5t so that’s the bags being capable of lifting 2.5t of additional weight over the rear axle. Your real limit is your GVM and what’s safe and sensible, but know the bags are up for what ever your load might be.

The rubber in the bags is heavier than the rubber in the sidewalls of your tyres so they last for ever seeing there is no rubbing or moving parts as such. AAA kits come with a 10 year new for old warranty on all bags, brackets, airlines and valves.

If interested here’s a link to our instructions showing what’s involved, download a digital copy here.

View our fitment video here:

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 35 × 18 cm
In-cab Kit

No In-cab Kit, In-cab Kit (Small Compressor), In-cab Kit (Large Compressor), In-cab Kit (No Compressor)

Air Tank

None, 1.5L, 3.0L, 4.5L, 6.0L

3 reviews for LA06S Airbag Kit

  1. Robin (verified owner)

    Very easy to fit, Car sits much better now.

  2. David A. (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. Far exceeded my expectation. As shown in the before pics ,will make towing the boat so much easier.

    Image #1 from David A.
    Image #2 from David A.
    Image #3 from David A.
    Image #4 from David A.
    Image #5 from David A.
  3. Rodney Wickham (verified owner)

    Followed the airbag assembly guide, placing the inflated bags into a bucket of water to check for leaks prior to installation. Probably went a bit overboard on the install, placing all airlines into flexible conduit and running inside chassis areas where possible.
    I did have a problem with one airline fitting situated on the top of the airbag unit, it took three occasions with minimal trimming of the airline each time to seal when pushing the line into the fitting.
    The airbags do reduce travel, so keeping at least 18 – 20 psi will help prevent bottoming out, other than that, I’m happy with the quality and product.

    Image #1 from Rodney Wickham
    Image #2 from Rodney Wickham
    Image #3 from Rodney Wickham
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