CA15 Airbag Kit

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Airbag kit includes two airbags, vehicle specific airbag mounts, required bolts, air fittings, air line tubing and inflation valves. Full instructions included.

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This is a brand new air bag load assist kit to suit the rear of the following vehicles:

By selecting an “In-Cab Kit”, you will also be supplied with all the gear required to control the air in your bags from the inside of your vehicle, and you can option for us to supply a compressor for you too if you do not already have one installed. Pair your large in-cab kit with one of our air tanks if you wish to increase the capacity of your onboard air system.

The benefits of a coil assist kit compared to a coil insert or coil replacement are:

  • Load is directly under chassis and closer to the wheel on the axle.
  • Less stress on upper coil mounts
  • Greater stability as Patrol coils are close together and this gives a wider suspension stance
  • Almost don’t need sway bars
  • Rated to still work with 2.5t over axle compared to coil inserts which only support 450Kg.
  • 5 year warranty (looking at soon going to a 10 year new for old warranty)

Suspenion in general is about compromises – enjoying a comfortable ride with soft coils means we can’t also expect to carry a heavy load well. Vehicles that can carry a heavier load tend to be less comfortable unloaded. But that’s where our AAA Coil Assist kit saves the day.

The AAA kit replaces the rubber bump stop which is mounted directly under the chassis and over the axle. It sits beside the coil so the coil remains in the car – that’s peace of mind for those who may worry if something untoward were to happen to the bag they still at least have the coil. And being your new bump stop you want some cushion effect so when unloaded you want 10-15 psi in the bags to maintain that cushion without adding lift and stiffness. So we have kept that comfortable ride quality we enjoy.

Then as you load up just add more air to the bags. The rule of thumb being just add what ever it takes to keep it at standard height. If it helps we run about 40 psi when we tow a 22′ caravan and we go to about 60 psi when we have about 800Kg of steel in the back.

Unlike coil inserts which are only rated to 450Kg (and they wear out quickly) the AAA coil assist kit is rated to 2.5t so that’s a rating of 2.5t of additional weight over the rear axle – but the limiting factor is more your GVM and the vehicle’s ability to stop with such heavy loads. Just know the AAA bags are good for what ever you throw at them.

The AAA coil assit kit also comes with a 10 year new for old warranty. There are no rubbing surfaces or moving parts and the rubber in the bags is heavier than that in the sidewalls of your tyres and the bags aren’t on the road like your tyres are.

If interested here’s a link to our instructions showing what’s involved, download a digital copy here.

View our fitment video here:

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

0" – 2", 2" – 3"

In-cab Kit

No In-cab Kit, In-cab Kit (Small Compressor), In-cab Kit (Large Compressor), In-cab Kit (No Compressor)

Air Tank

None, 1.5L, 3.0L, 4.5L, 6.0L

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