Braided Line 1/8″ NPT Male End


This is a single fitting.

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This is a brand new 750mm longĀ stainless steel braided air line

Many people disregard the importance of this airline and wonder why they have issues with air lines blowing off. All air compressors generate heat. The better the compressor the more heat – it goes with the territory. If a mate says his compressor output doesn’t get hot then his compressor isn’t doing much compressing.The airline that attaches to the compressor must be able to withstand high temperatures without blowing off. This airline is high quality stainless braided. Been using them for years and customers don’t have problems

Comes with a 1/8″ NPT fixed male end. The other end is 1/4″ BSP MaleĀ  and swivels so makes fitment a lot easier. If you want the 1/4″ end to be female just shoot us a message when you buy – if we dont hear from you we will send 1/8 NPT male to 1/4 BSP male.

Being metal the air line dissipates heat readily. It’s enough to cool things so normal air lines are OK once the air has passed this line. Some people plumb a plastic/rubber air hose to the end of this. It can be attached directly to a tank.

We have these made specifically for us here in Australia to our exacting standards using only the best materials including man size steel collar locks.
  • OD is 9.5mm
  • high temperature range of -60 to 240 degrees C
  • Maximum Working pressure 2390 PSI with swaged collar lock steel tails
  • Burst Pressure 9560 PSI
  • Minimum Bend radius 125mm
  • Light weight at 150 grams per meter
  • Stainless braid
  • PTFE teflon liner

This hose is 750mm long.

We stock a large range of fittings and can adapt to 1/8″, 3/8″ or even 1/2″ and we can convert ends from male to female.


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