Auto Levelling Kit


If you have an older AAA Suspension Y62 Coil-Replacement kit before we supplied them with the auto-levelling kit, this can be purchased to upgrade your kit for engineering purposes. This is automatically included with every new Y62 Coil Replacement purchase.

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This kit contains:

  • 1x CX02 Compressor with Mount.
  • 1x 1.2L Air Tank with Mount.
  • 1x Auto Ride Height Levelling Kit.

Although made for our Y62 Kit, this will work in other applications such as coil-insert kits from other companies.

By running our AAA Coil Delete kit in conjunction with our Auto Levelling kit the rear of your vehicle will always be at the same height no matter how heavy or light the load. It doesnt matter if you take on passengers, fill that long range tank with fuel or hitch up to the van it will always be the same height. And all the time it is no stiffer than it needs to be for that height. You cant get that with heavy coils and inserts and what’s more when you unload those stiffer coils are still stiff.

No buttons or adjustments, everything is automatic which is exactly how the engineers want it to be. Here’s how it works :

Our AAA Auto Ride Height Kit features pneumatic valves as used in the truck industry. A valve body is mounted to the chassis K frame using the hand brake cable bolt so no drilling required. There’s a swing arm that’s attached to your lower rear control arm. It senses the wheels in the up and down positions. When too low (loaded) the arm position lets air into the bags and they inflate. When too tall (unloaded) the arm lets air out of the bags. There’s a tolerance in the middle which allows minor up and down such as discrete road undulations and corrugations etc without inflating or deflating occuring. There is an adjustable link rod you can lengthen and shorten so you can set your ideal ride height on each side. Very simple and very effective.

If the car becomes loaded and sags the system calls for air. Likewise if you hit a big dip while travelling the same logic applies and it momentarily calls for air. Without a tank that meant the compressor has to briefly run and it’s why we now run a tank with this kit. When the system calls for air it just takes a bit from the tank and then the compressor only has to come on to recharge the tank occasionally. And by only running a small tank the compressor only runs for a short period to charge the tank. Some people run really big tanks with their tyre inflation compressor and the reasin we dont like using those is that by the time you duck down the street on the schol run the compressor is still filling that big tank by the time you get back.

The engineers love it because the bags and ride heights can’t be tampered with while driving.

The compressor is on a relay triggered by the car’s ignition. If the ignition is on the system is live and with a pressure switch the compressor will turn on automatically when it senses that air is needed in the tank.

Our kit comes with our CX02 Compressor and 1.2L air tank. The compressor mounts mounts behind the passenger side headlight again using existing bolt holes. Nothing has to be relocated and it just goes straight in. For wiring we provide a fuse tap (piggy back) that picks up a trigger for the relay from the fuse box and so there are no mods to wiring, no stripping wires and no soldering.

We strongly recommend that compressors and tanks for air suspension have nothing to do with compressors and tanks for tyres – keep them separate. If you were to seek a GVM your engineer will insist upon this too.


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