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Bare in mind we do a 10 year warranty on all parts non electronic that’s not much help if you are out in the middle of woop woop. This is like a first aid kit for your air bag kit and has the stuff that might possibly need.

We have like over 50,000 air bags out there and when we get a rare call for help it’s never a bag itself leaking – it’s always something else. Note we do sell bags separately here in our store. And for added assurance did you know you can apply a tyre repair string to a bag if you managed to put a hole in one – but like I said it never happens.

This package includes

  • 3m of 6mm air hose
  • 1x 6mm to 6mm air hose joiner. In case you had to cut off a damaged part and add to it.
  • 1x 90 degree air fitting. If anything were to leaf it would be the swivel in this fitting
  • 1x straight air fitting. Some kits just have a straight fitting or think of it this way – it eliminates the swivel leak if it doesnt have a swivel.
  • 6x 1/4″ UNC bolts w/ washers. In case you are missing bolts or break one etc. If a bag is leaking it will be because the bolts are not tight enough. Here’s a tip you have to make sure there is no air in the bag before you try to tighten the bolts. They will not tighten if there is air in the bags.

So like I said it’s unlikely you will need any of this and it’s normally covered by warranty in any case. However you will be pleased you bought this first aid kit for bags if you did manage to reef out an air line with a stick or something along those lines.

1 review for Airbag Repair Kit

  1. John Valcich (verified owner)

    Product easy to install with air bags now working well.

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