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Revised Application Guide

What sets AAA apart from the rest? We build what we sell. Everyone else is selling product made by somone else and from another country.

We are AAA Suspension and we build air suspension kits to help vehicles carry heavy loads.

Just add more air to get your vehicle to sit at what ever height you want regardless of how heavy your load might be. And then when you are unloaded just let the air out and you are back to having soft normal suspension. You can't do that with heavy steel springs.

When towing a van or heavy trailer by moving weight forward and increasing ball weight it makes for a safer and steadier drive. With our AAA bags, your vehicle can cope with that added weight and still sit at it's normal ride height.

Our bags are a smaller version of what you find in trucks, buses and even trains. The rubber is heavier and more durable than the rubber used in your tyres, so you can't hurt them - no matter the load or the terrain. They even have a 10 year new or old warranty.

Our involvement with air bag kits dates back to the 90's when Steve was selling and fitting Firestone kits - he even ran bags on his competition vehicle in 2 Outback Challenge events. We were known for the next 20 years Air Assist offering kits made by a variety of other businesses. It was becoming increasingly apparent this country needed Aussie made kits and if anyone could do that it would be us. In 2018 we commenced our own manufacturing locally on the Mornington Peninsula. All our steel is sourced in Hastings from BHP and our laser cutting and sheet bending is local too. We cut our own lengths of RHS and do all our own welding with our own jigs and tooling. We use local powder coaters and we even get our cartons made locally using recycled cardboard. So we do our best for the local economy and the environment.

In 2020 we learned that Air Assist could not be trademarked but we could trademark Australian Air Assist and so we came up with AAA. We have since re-invented ourselves as AAA Suspension with our new logo, web site, eBay store and social media pages.

We already have a kit for pretty much every Ute or 4WD with leaf springs and soon we will be releasing a new range of coil assist and coil replacement kits for vehicles such as the Y62 Patrol and 200 Series Landcruiser.